We provide a complete external platform for corporations, companies and custodians to discreetly and efficiently update client records and customer databases. Not only does this achieve immediate operational cost reductions, it facilitates efficient data management, accurate reporting and satisfaction to shareholders.

We also help guide companies through the complexities of unclaimed property regulations, with the objective of keeping our clients connected with customers and alerting them to the threat of the asset being reverted to the government in line with unclaimed property government regulations.

Our communication programs are tailored to reunite customers who are disconnected from a corporation, company, custodian, executor or family for mutually beneficial outcomes. Worthington Clark offers customer location services and outbound communication programs tailored to meet the needs of our clients. This ranges from basic electronic searches and mail services for initial customer contact to in-depth research and communications programs using mail and telephone to locate lost or dormant account owners and beneficiaries. Our programs are structured to your targeted objectives and requirements, delivering clear and measurable results.

Communication programs can be designed to;

– reduce a company’s unclaimed property liability

– minimise sending customer assets to a government unclaimed property department

– recover a company’s own unclaimed assets

– assist customers to recover assets related to mutual funds, banks, brokerages, and life insurance policies

– reconnect shareholders with unclaimed dividend cheques

– identify and manage passive shareholders with
small holdings.


Solicitors and client advisors such as accountants and financial advisors leverage our unclaimed property expertise and knowledge in the recovery of assets such as shares, bank accounts, insurance policies and inheritances, currently in the care of custodians on behalf of the rightful owners.

With the support of our in-house lawyer and unclaimed property recovery specialists, we have a successful record in unravelling complicated intestacy matters and navigating the requirements of custodians in the recovery of unclaimed property.



For many years we have provided professional genealogy research services to locate living beneficiaries and heirs on behalf of international probate genealogy and unclaimed property companies for their business clients. We also provide communication and recovery services for those companies in Australia needed to reunite executors and beneficiaries with unclaimed property.

“Our clients rely on us to locate account owners and heirs around the world. As such, our global partners must be subject matter experts that deliver superior customer service. That’s why for our work in Australia, we trust Worthington Clark. They have a unique combination of genealogy skills and business experience that produces outstanding results time after time.”


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