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When a deceased individual leaves behind a will certain pieces of information are present, the most key being the beneficiary and executor.

The beneficiary can range from a friend, spouse, employee or even a charitable organisation whilst the executor of the will is the individual responsible for ensuring the deceased’s wishes are carried out. An executor’s role includes collecting the assets of the deceased, pay debts, notify beneficiaries, and distribute assets amongst a wide variety of other responsibilities. Ultimately, a will cannot proceed without the executor and beneficiary present.

Most named individuals on a will are easy to contact either through a phone number or recent address. However, situations have arisen in which solicitors have been unable to locate the named executor or named beneficiary of the deceased’s will. There are a range of reasons for this occurring including simple matters such as legal name changes, to more complex matters of unknown relatives. This can result in a range of legal and financial complications for different parties involved. While this can be cleared up with follow-ups on the deceased’s family or friends there are more complicated situations that require professional researchers.

Worthington Clark offers a beneficiary location research service and an executor location search service that assists in locating the named individuals and resolve the will. This estate service is offered across Australia and internationally to provide our clients with the widest breadth of information and research possible to find the answer to their research questions. Once an executor is found they will need to apply for a Grant of Probate in order to gain approval for executing the deceased’s will.

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