Death Doulas – What Are They?

The term ‘doula’ refers to a person who helps a mother through a big reproductive event, like birth or still birth.   But ‘doula’ has also since been expanded to mean helping someone with the opposite of birth — death.  Australia has 3.7 million people

What makes a will valid in Australia?

The law governing wills in Australia differs between states, but there are some common things that make a will valid. ‘valid’ means that it’s recognised by the court as legal and binding.  Some examples of things that

Estate Services

Worthington Clark offers clients a range of estate services based on their unique needs. Our clients range from individuals, corporations, legal firms, schools and communities that are seeking legal solutions

Beneficiary of Estate

There are many complexities when dealing with beneficiary of estate matters. For those who struggle with understanding certain rights and responsibilities, it is important to have a professional working closely

Finding Missing Heirs

Finding missing heirs can often be a challenging task, especially without the help of an expert. Going through this process requires specific research and dedication, to locate relevant information regarding

Probate Genealogy

Families are complicated. Unexpected things happen. People grow apart. Every few years there is an extraordinary story of someone who died at home whose body wasn’t discovered until years later.