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Do Step-Children Inherit?

If you are a parent of a blended family, then having a will and keeping it current is essential.

As much as you love your adopted kids as your own, the law may not see it that way when it comes to dividing up your estate. 

While blended families are now common in Australia, many people may not know that step children can still inherit differently to biological children.  

The law, which differs between states in Australia, decides whether step children are eligible to inherit based on different factors. These factors can include: 

  • Age of the child when a parent dies 
  • Closeness of the relationship 
  • Whether the child was being supported by the deceased 

Roughly 8 in 10 family disputes over deceased estates in the courts are from blended families. This arises from the twists and turns as relationships change.  

Problems arise when surviving relatives differ in how they see their inheritance. Consulting a trustee or a solicitor to guide you is the best way to navigate this complexity. 

Worthington Clark offers estate genealogy services, which traces surviving family for legal and government clients who administer deceased estates. 

disclaimer:  information on this website does not constitute legal advice.  content is provided for informational purposes only. 

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