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Estate Services

Worthington Clark offers clients a range of estate services based on their unique needs. Our clients range from individuals, corporations, legal firms, schools and communities that are seeking legal solutions or simply more information about their history. With over 35 years of experience we are unmatched in our ability to undertake fit for purpose genealogy investigations and location research. Our extensive range of services includes beneficiary/executor location research, intestate entitlement research/interested party research, family tree verification, kinship proofs and more.

Worthington Clark estate research services are available to address complex estate-related issues. A common service offered to clients is intestate entitlement, which can be difficult to independently research and verify. Should an individual pass away without leaving the situation is known as intestate. When this occurs the next eligible relatives will be able to inherit the estate after lodging a Letter of Administration. However, it is not always clear who the next eligible relatives are or to verify claims of eligibility or to identify persons to whom notice should be given in respect of de facto applications for letters of administration of applications to prove informal wills. Our team implements research methods that range from database searches to record searches in order to identify or verify entitled or interested relatives.

Beneficiary and executor location research is another common estate service that Worthington Clark offers as it allows a deceased will to be correctly distributed. Whether due to simple matters such as change of address to more complex matters such as unknown or missing people, Worthington Clark uses their extensive research network to locate the key individuals named in a individuals will or properly establish individuals falling within a class of beneficiaries.

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