Family Tree Verification

Often individuals have a sound and seemingly concrete understanding of their family tree, however, this may not always prove true.

Family trees can be complex with extended relatives or unknown relatives ultimately having enduring legal rights. Particularly in instances of intestacy even unknown relatives may ultimately have legal access to an estate if there is no known will of the deceased.

NSW solicitors should beware of section 92(3) of the Probate and Administration Act 1898 (NSW). If a record of a child born to the deceased would have been identified had a parentage search been undertaken, your client is deemed to have notice of a claim on the estate by a child of the deceased. Worthington Clark arranges searches pursuant to section 50 of the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act 1995 (NSW) on a regular basis to ensure our clients and their clients and properly protected.

Whether you are writing your own will or executing a deceased’s will it can prove beneficial to conduct a family tree verification to protect those that you wish to become beneficiaries or to provide access to eligible relatives that were otherwise unknown. While family tree verification is most often used in instances of intestacy or a class of beneficiaries inquiry, it can also be utilised as a precautionary measure for individuals that wish to be precise and thorough when considering the distribution of their estate. Even if you are completely sure of your family tree it may be worth conducting family tree verification. Genealogy research, a field of research that studies families and family trees has the unique expertise to properly conduct family tree verification.

Worthington Clark offers clients a family tree verification service, which utilises a range of state wide, nationwide and international networks in order to gain the best and widest scope possible to answer your genealogy research questions. Our research process is based on verifiable evidence that is sourced and analysed by our experienced researchers. Whether you use this information to find missing beneficiaries, to establish entitlements to an intestate estate, identify parties interested in estate proceedings or to verify relatives in a will in progress, Worthington Clark can assist with your family tree verification research.

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