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Genealogy is known as the study of families and family history, which has become well known due to genealogy TV series such as Who Do You Think You Are.

While some individuals develop genealogical interests and become amateur genealogists, researching their own family history and family trees, they do not necessarily have the same levels of expertise and resource network that professional genealogists do.

A fully qualified professional genealogist undertakes tertiary or equivalent studies in their field in order to best understand the complex and extensive research field and practice correct genealogy research processes.

Our Worthington Clark genealogists and researchers are highly trained to conduct accurate, sophisticated and well-detailed research processes to best benefit our clients. With in-house legal expertise we also understand the mechanics of the governing intestacy provisions in Australia. This enables us to provide the widest breadth of information our senior researchers are all members of the Association of Professional Genealogists to ensure a global network.

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