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Missing Beneficiary Research

When an individual is deceased their solicitor usually represents an executor nominated under the will to administer the estate. A critical aspect of this administration process includes identifying and liaising with beneficiaries in regards to their beneficial interest in the estate. Often this is a spouse, child, friend or even a charitable organisation and the process can occur efficiently as the executor is aware of where to allocate the deceased?s assets.

However, instances do arise when the whereabouts or identity of beneficiaries are unknown. This can be a simple issue of change of address or as complicated as a nominated ?class of beneficiaries? that needs to be properly scoped, identified and located. This can often obstruct and hamper the progress of estate administration for executors and their legal representatives. In this scenario professional specialists are required in order to uncover the necessary information.

Worthington Clark offers a probate research service to solicitors or executors that are tasked with administering an estate and unable to locate a missing beneficiary or missing beneficiaries. They can also do the required investigation as to who properly falls within a ?class of beneficiaries such as ?all of my surviving grandchildren?.

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