Historical Research Services

Schools & Communities

Our experienced team will help uncover, prove and write the important stories about your school or community that celebrates major milestones in your historic journey.

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Schools & Communities

Our bespoke history services will help you capture your stories, celebrate your traditions and connect with your community.


Milestone Events

Stories about you that celebrate your milestone. We have the capacity to produce anything from short stories for web and print material, to a coffee-table book that tells your history.

Historical Biography

Short or long biographies giving an account of a contribution to your school or community, of a valued person or group of people, or the history of an event or service.

Personal Biographies

Public material research into people with the potential to benefit your school or community.

Historical Interviews

Historical interviews that discover a unique viewpoint, in the words and voice of a person or group, recording it for posterity. Products can include digital recordings, written transcripts, or original work produced from interview material.

Historical Curator Service

A curator services that helps to conserve your history by curating a pre-existing collection, researching in your archives to produce documented research and writing, helping to establish or organise your archives, or producing a continuing body of original work that is developed with a specific need or audience in mind.
Cameron TorranceCranbrook School
Cranbrook School engaged Worthington Clark to assist with our Centenary research preparation. The relationship has been seamless and thoroughly professional. We have enjoyed the flexibility of the Worthington Clark team in their pursuit of interesting and engaging stories. The depth of research is always evident in each story presented.
Cameron Torrance
Director of Development Cranbrook School
The Cranbrook Centenary Website has recently been launched acknowledging the contribution by Worthington Clark for our work in researching and writing the stories and videos on the website.
Cranbrook School