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What is Genealogy

Have you ever wondered how someone might uncover the identity of a distant family member, even if they passed away a long time ago? Or how someone could trace a

Importance of making a will

Roughly half of Australians don’t have a will, maybe because it’s a topic we’d prefer not think about.   But Covid reminds us how fast life can change. With the world in the grip of a pandemic, the number

Death Doulas – What Are They?

The term ‘doula’ refers to a person who helps a mother through a big reproductive event, like birth or still birth.   But ‘doula’ has also since been expanded to mean helping someone with the opposite of birth — death.  Australia has 3.7 million people

What makes a will valid in Australia?

The law governing wills in Australia differs between states, but there are some common things that make a will valid. ‘valid’ means that it’s recognised by the court as legal and binding.  Some examples of things that

Estate Services

Worthington Clark offers clients a range of estate services based on their unique needs. Our clients range from individuals, corporations, legal firms, schools and communities that are seeking legal solutions

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