Worthington Clark

Over 37 years of specialist experience in
genealogy research for lawyers, trustees,
companies, executors and beneficiaries
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Estate Services

Fit for purpose genealogy investigations and location research.

  • Beneficiary/executor location research

Find missing beneficiaries/executors named in a will or identify and locate members of a class of beneficiaries. Read more…

  • Intestacy Entitlement Research / Interested Party Research

Identify and locate entitled relatives on intestacy or interested parties on informal will or de facto letters of administration applications. Read more…

  • Family Tree Verification

Independently verify family tree information provided by your client to mitigate the risk of errors or omissions. Read more…

  • Kinship proofs – birth, death, marriage, issue, divorce

Source birth, death and marriage certificates, parentage search certificates, prove divorce events, prove/disprove kinship for estate administration due diligence. Read more…

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Our Approach

Step 1
Estimate & Engage

Please brief us. You will then receive a formal estimate of fees for that work. We may need to liaise with an international research partner if necessary. Once accepted, we start the work!

Step 2
Research & Communicate

We undertake the research as directed in your original brief. You receive regular updates throughout the process as to progress, particular difficulties, recommendations and so on.

Step 3
Deliver Results

We prepare and deliver our research findings according to the format you have requested. If you would like to know more, please feel free to brief us or email us

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