Historical Research

Companies & Custodians

Our experienced team will help uncover, prove and write the important stories about your company that helps shape culture in the business and awareness outside your business. We also provide a research service that finds lost customers and assists reconnecting with them.

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Companies & Custodians

Our bespoke history services will help you build your brand, grow your business and connect with your customers.


Historical Copy for Publishing

A company timeline, a summary of your company’s historical highlights or something more in-depth.

Historical Biography

A company timeline, a summary of your company’s historical highlights or something more in-depth.

Keynote Speech

Developing a keynote speech for a milestone event.

Verbal History of Your Business

We interview nominated staff or stakeholders to make a ‘bank’ of important company knowledge.

Coffee-Table Book About Your Company

A coffee-table book which covers either a partial or a full history.

Historical Property Research

Property history research for property owners, developers, vendor or purchaser clients.

Asset Research Services

Expert services in the identification and recovery of unclaimed assets.
Michael J. O'DonnnellVictor LeungBruce BillsPat CoadyMathew Moore
Our clients rely on us to locate account owners and heirs around the world. As such, our global partners must be subject matter experts that deliver superior customer service. That's why for our work in Australia, we trust Worthington Clark. They have a unique combination of genealogy skills and business experience that produces outstanding results time after time.
Michael J. O'Donnnell
We approached Worthington Clark to discuss an engagement in researching and publishing the 50 year history of Veda, now known as Equifax. They came back with a very detailed and structured approach that suited our requirements. What I was most impressed with during the project was how meticulous they were with the research, as well as the collaborative nature and flexibility throughout the process.
Victor Leung
General Manager Customer Marketing, Digital & Communications Equifax Australia
I just wanted to congratulate you on the 'Equifax, Fifty Years in Australia' book that your company produced. It was incredibly well done.
Bruce Bills
Security & Risk Manager - AR Shared Services Metcash Trading Limited
Worthington Clark came recommended to us from an established and trusted client. We got an immediate and professional response, and we received sound and accurate advice. 10 our of 10.
Pat Coady
Director, Corporate Risks Ltd, Christchurch, New Zealand
Worthington Clark seemed very professional from the first contact: they work quickly, they are responsive, they update, and their costs are reasonable. Highly recommended.
Mathew Moore
Moore Probate Research, London, UK