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Whether you are a corporation, company, custodian, legal or media client, we value professionalism, integrity, discretion and above all, your satisfaction with our services. Around these values we have built the following essential business practices:
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Our Business Practices


Worthington Clark is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients in the transfer, collection, use and retention of all personal information. This commitment is embodied in our Privacy Policy, which governs how our business complies with The Privacy Act 1988, an Australian law that regulates the handling of personal information about individuals.


Every case is handled with precision, discretion and sensitivity. We identify legitimate beneficiaries or relevant parties based on thorough research and tracing methodologies. If authorised, our initial contact is handled with discretion and courtesy. Our many years of experience ensure we have empathy for those that we contact, as estate matters require a sensitive and unique approach. We value our close relationship with solicitors and trustees and our positive reputation.


We ensure our services are compliant with regulatory frameworks whether applying to us directly or to our clients. These include Australian intestacy legislation, privacy legislation, international standards on information security and risk management, and prudential standards on outsourcing and business continuity.


Combining our extensive expertise with advanced technologies and in-house resources, we are equipped to pursue the most cost-effective and time-efficient course to achieve the desired outcomes and deadlines for our clients.


Over the past 35 years we have built a global network of contacts with established affiliates in the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Europe. Our senior researchers include members of the Association of Professional Genealogists ensuring that no part of the globe is beyond reach in our tracing or genealogical research.